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Electric Pet Nail Grinder

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Electric Pet Nail Grinder & Nail Trimmer

Are you looking for the perfect dog nail clippers? Do you struggle clipping your dogs nails every time they get too long?

We know how difficult it can be to groom your pet's nails when they are terrified or dislike the feeling of having their nails clipped. 

Unfortunately, if a dog is frightened and doesn't sit still, it can result in your dog being injured. This is why many dog owners go to a professional dog groomers to take care of their pets nails. However, this can be very expensive if you go on a monthly basis.

Fortunately! We have a solution. 
The Electric Pet Nail Grinder & Dog Nail Trimmer is the perfect tool to trim your pet's nail without them even realising! 

You can give your pet the care they need in the most comfortable, easy and precise way from the comfort of your own home.


Our Electric Pet Nail Grinder is easy to use and will fit comfortably in your hands. Featuring a cordless design, you'll be able to care for your dog's nails anywhere in your home.

Our Electric Pet Nail Grinder & Nail Trimmer is USB chargeable with up to 4 hours of power when fully charged.
An indicator light will turn on once charging so you can make sure to fully charge your device. 
Fits into any USB outlet therefore making it fully portable and easy to use! 


The Electric Pet Nail Grinder & Nail Trimmer is incredibly quiet and produces a very low vibration and sounds like a light hum. This helps to keep your pet calm so you can trim their claws with ease and speed. Your pet may not even realise their nails are being trimmed! 

      Cleaning your pet's nail trimmer is a super easy, fuss free process. Simply use a towel, tissue or cloth to gently brush away any nail residue on the removable grinder top. & That's it!  

      Not only is the nail trimmer great for dogs, you can also use the nail trimmer on other pets too!  With three different sized openings for different size nails, you can use the nail trimmer on cats, hamsters, guinea pigs or rabbits and more!
      Take care of all your pets nails without causing any fear or pain!

    Save yourself the hassle and time by using our nail trimmer!
    You'll no longer have to take a trip to your pets groomer or vet. Instead, you'll be able to trim their nails at home, which will save you time and money!

    With our nail trimmer, your pet should begin to trust you again when they realise the device will not hurt them like a nail clipper or clipping scissors may hurt.

        • HOW TO USE:

          1. First choose the correct nail trimmer opening. The bigger the nail, the bigger opening you can use. 

          2. Pick up your pets paws gently and begin to trim with the Electric Pet Nail Grinder.

          3. Once your pets paws are nicely trimmed, gently clean your trimmer with a towel, cloth or tissue to remove any residue. 


          • Charge time: 2 hours
          • Run time: Up to 4 hours
          • Charging mode: USB charging
          • Battery: Built-in battery


          • 1 x Electric Pet Nail Grinder
          • 1 x USB Cable
          • 1 x User Manual

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