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Selfie Light iPhone Case Ring Light

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Selfie Ring Light iPhone Case

Looking for a selfie ring light to capture the best selfies? We have something even better! 
Low and behold the new incredible iPhone ring light case! This iPhone case is the perfect tool to create great lighting wherever you may be. Simply flick the button on the back of the case for your ring light to pop up! 
Choose between 3 different lighting modes with different brightness levels to create the perfect setting for your selfies or videos. 

The selfie ring light is the perfect way to get rid of shadows and helps to highlight your face and bone structure to compliment your face. With the selfie light ring, you will be able to take amazing photographs at a professional level without any hassle. 
The selfie light ring iPhone case is designed to be used for all sorts of occasions, whether you are a vlogger, taking self-portraits, creating makeup tutorials, creating YouTube videos, having meetings on Zoom, or doing photography, the selfie ring light will provide you with the correct and best lighting for your needs.

It's also incredibly important to keep your phone safe and secure, this is why our iPhone selfie ring light is made out of high-quality durable PC & ABS. This sleek, slim design offers protection whilst still looking great and fits comfortably in your pockets!
With an inner layer of microfiber cushion, the iPhone selfie ring light case protects the phone from external forces, such as dropping your phone and protects against scratches. 

The ring light phone case features 54 LED intricate light beads to give you an all-around balanced light for your face. Choose between 3 different brightness levels, a nice warm light that has a slight orange tint to give you a natural warm glow, a studio-style bright white light, or a mixed light to have the best of both worlds!

The ring light phone case has a sleek, stylish, modern design and comes in two different colours. The selfie ring light case features an angled structure that provides severe shock resistance in the case of dropping or smashing your phone. The sleek edge of the case is 1.2mm higher than the screen which effectively helps to protect the screen from any scratches. Additionally, to protect the back cameras, the ring light produces outwards by 2mm and surrounds the cameras when not in use, this helps to prevent any scratches on the camera lenses. 

To use the selfie light ring, click the button on the back of the case to choose between 3 different lighting modes, flick the switch to pop the light out for front camera lighting, or keep the ring light on the back of the phone for back camera lighting. Easy as that!

Our selfie light ring case doesn't require any batteries! Enjoy 2.5-3 hours of continuous use of the light ring. Once your battery gets low,  simply charge your case with a micro USB cable. Sorted!

This selfie ring light case is an absolute must-have, especially if you are influencers, vloggers, YouTubers, TikTokers,  or photographers. The ring selfie light is the ultimate life hack for being able to take wonderful footage on the go!

Enjoy professional-quality photos and videos with our wonderful iPhone ring light selfie case!

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