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Valentines Gifts for Him | Beard Balm Collection Mens Gift Set | Beard Gifts

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Beard balm moisturizer grooming set

Looking for the perfect 'Valentine's Day Gifts For Him'? Well you just found it! 
Our beard moisturizer grooming set is the perfect gift for your bearded guy. 

Why Men should use Beard Balms:

Men with beards often get itchy and dry skin, sometimes caused by heat or lack of moisture, but also due to use of harsh SLS chemicals on the skin – Our products solve these issues and much more, see below for how: 

  • Our beard balms contain Shea butter and almond oil which reduce irritation, Inflammation and moisturise the skin,
  • Our products contain no Parabens or SLS. Only natural beeswax Wax, Shea butter, the finest cold pressed Almond Oil and finally a few drops of premium essential oil for the best aromas.
  • Finally, our balms add that professional finish to any beard, adding a non-greasy shine and a beautiful Masculine scent.

How our Beard Products can help your Man's beard: 

✔️ Control, Hydrate & Style your Beard

✔️ Adds Volume, Moisture & Nutrients

✔️ Natural & Premium Ingredients

✔️ Beautiful Product Texture

✔️ Non-greasy and easy to use

✔️ No preservatives, paraben or SLS. 

✔️ CPSR Safety-Assessed. 

✔️ Proudly and Ethically Made in the UK 

Main Ingredients:

Shea Butter

We use unrefined shea butter which is rich in Vitamin A and E - These vitamins provide a natural anti-oxidant which helps combat free radicals attacking the skin. It also helps moisturise and condition the skin and beard as well as ensuring the beard is softened. Unrefined shea means no harsh chemicals have been used in producing the luxury butter, it also means most of the essential vitamins are not lost in processing and instead go towards making a healthy looking beard.  


Beeswax, a natural wax, offers a purer and natural barrier that will seal in the goodness of the balm, ensuring no artificial product are in your Beard balm. The anti-inflammatory properties of beeswax encourage the healing of cuts that are caused by shaving/trimming. It is also perfect in helping form a protective barrier between the skin and the environment without clogging pores. Many artificial waxes would clog the pores and cause outbreak of spots, Beeswax on the other-hand is often seen as a better alternative. 

The beeswax also helps soothe irritated skin and beards making it one of the best ingredients for use on your beard. 

Finally, we avoid the use of carnauba wax, a wax derived from palm oil and therefore at the expense of the Rainforests and Orangutans. Our ethics will not allow us to use such products and we actively encourage you to help with our collective mission in avoiding such products. 

Cold Pressed Almond oil

We use cold pressed unrefined Almond oil, ensuring it is packed with Vitamin A, B, D and E. Almond oil moisturises the skin and is believed to help with encouraging healthy hair growth for a lush strong beard. Our cold pressed oil means that no Hexane is used in processing. 

Natural essential oils

​​​​Our scents are created by the use of natural essential oils to ensure high quality fragrances. 

Scents - A Quick Whiff of what we offer

Vanilla and Mango - One of our most popular scents which gives the Wise Man's beard a fresh and tropical boost. It's a tasty fragrance that lifts the mood and creates good vibes all-around. 

Unscented - These products contain no added fragrance/scent, so you can enjoy your own favourite cologne. An excellent choice for stylish Men who want to keep it simple when using our premium beard care. 

Sweet Orange - A refreshing, citrus scent believed to increase blood circulation which can help your beard hair grow. One of the best fruity scents for our beards. 

Cedarwood - a wooden & natural fragrance that represents masculinity and wisdom. It smells wonderful, and helps us feel more smooth and relaxed. In touch with our natural side. 

Soft Mint - A fresh & clean fragrance known to increase energy and have soothing and cooling properties for your skin. 

Season Spice - A warm, cosy and energising blend containing Cinnamon and Sweet Orange. Enjoy that comforting winter vibe anytime you want. 

Package Includes:
One beard balm collection in Special valentine packaging (Includes 6 x 15ml Beard balms) containing the above scents.


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